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May 2021 Monthly Calendar

Sairam. Please find below the May 2021 Sai Calendar for your easy reference. The highlights of this calendar are special bhajans for Eswaramma Day, Hari Raya Puasa and Vesak.

In addition, there are several seva activities during the month. Please mark your diary and participate in Sai activities of your interest.



As an initiative to help the enthusiastic veda learners to listen and learn vedas, we are uploading the chants for various groups. We have started with Rudram first and we have uploaded the individual anuvakas of Namakam.

Please click the link below to listen to the mp3 of each Anuvaka.

Title Track Click on below link to listen to the mp3
Namakam Anuvaka 1
      Anuvaka 1
Namakam Anuvaka 2
      Anuvaka 2
Namakam Anuvaka 3
      Anuvaka 3
Namakam Anuvaka 4
      Anuvaka 4
Namakam Anuvaka 5
      Anuvaka 5
Namakam Anuvaka 6
      Anuvaka 6
Namakam Anuvaka 7
      Anuvaka 7
Namakam Anuvaka 8
      Anuvaka 8
Namakam Anuvaka 9
      Anuvaka 9
Namakam Anuvaka 10
      Anuvaka 10
Namakam Anuvaka 11
      Anuvaka 11


Namasmarana Sadhana – Singapore 2011

Namasmarana – The Best Means and the Best Medicine:

Namasmarana is the best means. Only, you do not really believe that it can cure you or save you, that is the tragedy. People believe in the efficacy of only costly, brightly packed, widely published drugs; the simple easily available remedy which is in everybody’s backyard is ignored as useless. Ref: SSS Vol II Ch 31, p164-165

Add Feeling into Namasmarana:
Dwell on the Nama and its sweetness will saturate your tongue and improve your taste. Do not count the number of times you have repeated it. Who are you going to impress with the number? The Lord will respond even if you call Him just once from the depths of feeling; He will turn a deaf ear, even if you call Him a million times automatically, artificially with the tongue, not with the heart. It is easy to amass figures. Numbers are easy to manipulate, but, Grace does not depend upon them at all. He asks for the heart, the full heart and nothing but the heart.   Ref: SSS Vol IV Ch 36 [Diagnose your own disease] p204 -Baba

How do I participate in the Sadhana?
All our Sai brothers and sisters from various centers can participate in this simple, but powerful Sadhana of writing (Likhita Japa) of our beloved Swami’s Name ‘OM SRI SAI RAM’, with Faith and Love. The Name is packed with infinite potential to purify, sublimate and transform the mind and the heart. To invoke the divine within, there is no better method than Namasmarana. The heart is the spiritual centre of an individual. Purify the heart by Namasmarana. I shall come to dwell therein.

How do I use the Namasmarana sheet?

  • The Sadhana is performed by writing ‘OM SRI SAI RAM’ in the Namasmarana sheet.
  • The sheet has 2 sides, printed with 108 boxes each, to write ‘OM SRI SAI RAM’.
  • After the completion of a sheet, it can be deposited in the drop-box provided in any of the Sai Centers in Singapore.

Where do I get the copies of the Namasmarana Sheet from?

Printed Namasmarana Sheets will be handed out on Thursday at the end of bhajans at Sai Baba Centre, 133 Moulmein Road. As you complete one, you may return it to the sevadal on duty and request for more. Alternately you may photocopy or download and print the sheet using the link below, before you start writing and return them as and when you complete the sheets.

What will be done with these completed Namasmarana Sheets?

The completed Namasmarana Sheets will be taken to Parthi this December and Vibhuthi will be packed in these sheets charged with the Divine Name, for distribution to all.

What do I achieve through this Sadhana?

Ultimately the process is to cleanse oneself and through that, the rest of the world. While this is not the only path or sadhana, Bhagavan always says – this is the simplest and easiest path.
One can follow any path, but one path and one focus will lead us to the goal faster.

To invoke the divine within, there is no better method than Namasmarana. The heart is the spiritual centre of an individual. Purify the heart by Namasmarana. I shall come to dwell therein…Baba
Click the below link to download the Namasmarana Sheet :

What are Bhajans?

Bhajans! That wonderful genre of devotional music which instantly taps into the wellspring of divine ecstacy and communion that can be felt from deep within our hearts!

Bhajan is a prayer, an offering in all humility and reverence to our Loving God. It is a personal conversation between the devotee and God, set to beautiful music.  It is no wonder then, that this unique genre of devotional Congregational singing has an instant uplifting effect. Swami says, “Bhajan must spread goodwill, love, ecstacy; it must cleanse the polluted atmosphere; it must invite all to share in the joy and peace. THE ANANDA I DERIVE FROM BHAJANS, I DO NOT DERIVE FROM ANYTHING ELSE.” …(SSS Vol VIII).  Hence, the whole-hearted participation of the entire congregation ensures the cleansing away of all negativity in the environment by spreading the Positive Vibrations of the Potency of the divine Name. Bhagavan says, “Where the glory of the divine name is sung, there I install Myself”. So bhajans bless us with the opportunity to feel Swami’s Divine Presence and be enveloped in His grace.

As we go through our earthly journey, we get caught up in the illusory drama of existence. Swami has given us a simple solution to nurture our spirit and realize our ultimate goal,  “Think of bhajan as a part of spiritual training to be taken seriously for reducing attachment to fleeting objects, and purifying and strengthening you, liberating you from the cycle of birth and death and consequent misery.”…(The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist ).

Bhagavan has blessed us abundantly by stating, “Namasankeethana is the best spiritual sadhana for Liberation in this age”. He has made our journey of ultimate merger with Him so very easy and pleasant! To quote Bhagavan “Bhajan must become an unbroken stream of bliss on your tongues and in your hearts; it must confer on you, the uninterrupted awareness of Soham, of the unity of I and HE”… (SSS Vol IX)

We are fortunate to be born in the age that the Divine has chosen to manifest in human form, our beloved Yuga Avathar, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.  As we learn from Him “ Let your whole life be a spiritual song. Believe that God is everywhere at all times, and derive strength, comfort, and joy by singing His glory”… (SSS Vol X)

Let us all make our lives a beautiful divine song to be offered at His divine lotus feet.


Message of the Lord -Video

We are happy to screen a special series of Video Titled – Message of the Lord -every thursday for 15 minutes after the Bhajan. The  video was produced by Prashanthi Digital Studio as part of the 85th Birthday celebrations of the Lord. Videos are available online at Radio Sai website.


About Bhajans

“Bhajan or devotional singing is one of the processes by which you can train the mind to expand into eternal values. Teach the mind to revel in in the glory & Majesty of God. Clean it away from petty Horizons of pleasure and passions. Bhajan induces in you a desire to experience the truth, to glimpse the beauty that is God, to taste the Bliss that is the Self. It encourages man to dive into himself and genuinely his real Self.” – Swami

Bhajan is one of the core Spiritual Activities of our Sai Society. Swami has often said that Nama Sankeerthana is the best Sadhana for Liberation.

The Bhajan group approximately consists of 25 Male and 25 Female singers leading the weekly Bhajans. Efforts are always on to increase this pool of Singers without compromising on the quality. The distinguishing feature of the group is the presence of several youth singers, who find it worthwhile to spend their spare time in this spiritual activity. The main activity of the Bhajan group is to lead the weekly Thursday Bhajans between 8 – 9 pm and participate in Nagarasamkirtan Bhajans at perumal temple premises on Sunday at 6:30 am. The group also leads Bhajans on special days like Swami’s Birthday and other various festivals.

The group holds weekly practice sessions between 8:30 am to 11:30 am on Sunday to prepare for Thursday Bhajans. Right after this there is an open practice session that any aspiring singers can use to try our new songs. This will go on until everyone present has had a chance. All aspiring singers are welcome to join the practice sessions as well as the Sunday morning Nagarasankirtan at perumal temple premises at 6:30 am.


Sri Rudram Classes at MDIS

Sri Rudram – A prayer to Shiva who is verily our beloved Lord Sai!

We are very happy to inform you that in preparation for Bhagavan’s 85th Birthday celebrations, the Veda team has undertaken the sacred and most joyous task of teaching the Sri Rudram to all who are keen and committed to learn. The Rudram will be taught at MDIS campus (at our SSE classes), Sterling Road, near Queenstown MRT, from 11am to 12.10pm from Jan 24th, 2010 onwards.

Since the vedic chant is quite long, we will need all those who attend to continue attending the Rudram classes at Moulmein even after we close our regular SSE classes at the MDIS campus. Students attending will be given a break during exam period and classes will resume soon after and will continue into the holiday period.

This is a golden opportunity for all interested to learn and commitment to the learning process is a definite pre-requisite. Let us use this opportunity to learn this sacred and most ‘sort-after’ chant. This will remain with us for our entire life-time! Sri Rudram is for life and for a living:)
Significance of Sri Rudram:
Sri Rudram is a very sacred chant that is all encompassing. It comprises praise of the various aspects of the Supreme Being. It also comprises prayers for fulfilling all material desires that are positive (that mean no harm to others in any way).Sri Rudram has great healing powers for many types of ailments, removes sorrow and offers great protection to the one who chants it.

Sri Rudram is considered very auspicious (the word ‘Sri’ itself means auspicious). When we chant Sri Rudram we identify ourselves with That Auspicious Form from whom all auspiciousness originates.

When we chant the Namakam part of the Sri Rudram, with each chant we identify ourselves with the divinity. When we chant the Chamakam part of the Sri Rudram, we should see His divinity everywhere and in everything. There is divinity in everything which is referred as’ Chame Chame’ in the Chamakam. The literal interpretation for ‘chame’ is – I want this ( Divinity).  When we identify ourselves with divinity then everything becomes divine and we see only divinity everywhere. And hence ‘Chame’ means  I AM IN THAT (Divinity),

Shiva grants sumptuousness, the capacity of speech, power of knowledge, strong and sturdy body, abundant wealth and enormous pious acts.   We bow to Sri Rudra who is present in fire, in water, in trees and plants and in the entire universe, the all pervading.

The Ati Rudra is the most potent form of all prayers involving the chanting of Rudram 14641 times. Bhagavan Baba in his discourse on 19th August 2006 at Prasanthi Nilayam at the Ati Rudra Maha Yagnyna:

“This yagnya is conducted to realize the ‘Self’, not just with a view to achieve some physical and worldly benefits. This yagnyna is not merely for a few individuals; it is for the entire world. The mantras chanted here mix in the air and spread to the entire universe. These sacred sounds enter our hearts and purify them. Hence, do not think that the mantras in this yagnya are confined only to this place. They spread to the entire world. The yagnya is not only for the benefit of India but also for all countries. People of many countries have participated in this Yagnya with a lot of enthusiasm. They are also learning the Veda Mantras”.

And people from Italy, Japan, Macedonia have all chanted the Rudram in Bhagavan’s divine presence. What better timing can we ever have than this 85th year! Swami, during His 83rd year had asked Rudram as A Birthday Gift. We should also try our best to give this gift and more for all that He has done for us.