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  • Graduation Ceremony of the Help the Helpers Programme

    Graduation Ceremony of the Help the Helpers Programme

    The 9th batch of the Help the Helpers programme will graduate on Sunday, 10th December 2023. All the students and their employers are invited to attend the event.

    Please see this post on the previous graduation event. https://saisociety.org.sg/2023/04/hth-graduation-2023/.

    A detailed description of the programme is at https://saisociety.org.sg/help-the-helpers.

  • December 2023 Sai Calendar

    December 2023 Sai Calendar

    Sairam. Please find below the December 2023 Sai Calendar. Highlights of this month include Christmas Special Bhajans. On 1st January 2024, we begin the New Year with morning prayers and bhajans. Please make a note of this important programme. The Ladies’ Wing is having a year-end meeting on 9th December. In addition, SSE students will also lead a special bhajan on Friday, 29th December 2023, from 7:45 pm to 8:45 pm. All are invited to attend all these programmes.

    Besides the Thursday Bhajans, there are several seva activities during the month. Please mark your diary and participate in Sai activities of your interest. If you wish to volunteer at Sai Society, please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/oEJ9ptEP59hjNgBQ2.

  • Ladies’ Meet

    Ladies’ Meet

    Sairam ladies, let’s end the year on high with a year-end get-together with a heartfelt sharing on Swami’s Leelas, activities, and good food. Please indicate your participation at the link below so we can plan the activities accordingly. We look forward to seeing all of you. Date: 9th December 2023 (Saturday); Time: 3 pm to 5 pm; Venue: Sathya Sai Baba Centre, 133 Moulmein Road, Singapore 308083. https://forms.gle/3fcFhcRZ5orMS2ir7.

    – Ladies’ Wing (Mahila Vibhag), Sri Sathya Sai Society, Singapore

  • A Beautiful Start to Bhagavan’s Birthday

    A Beautiful Start to Bhagavan’s Birthday

    Sairam. Today is Bhagavan’s 98th Birthday! We had a beautiful start to Bhagavan’s Birthday Celebration today at Moulmein. The day began with Omkaram, Subprabhatam and vedic chanting, followed by the Morning Bhajans. Our guests from India, bro Ajnish Rai & sis Meghna Rai led the morning bhajans along with our Singapore singers. If you have missed them this morning, you can catch them this evening for the special musical, followed by the evening bhajans. Overwhelming crowds built up by lunchtime today. Please come early for the evening bhajans, as we expect many devotees this evening. A glimpse of the morning bhajans and arathi by our guests from India, and other morning programmes.

  • Bhagavan’s 98th Birthday Celebrations

    Bhagavan’s 98th Birthday Celebrations

    Bhagavan’s 98th Birthday will be celebrated with devotion and grandeur at the Sathya Sai Baba Centre from 7:00 am to 9 pm. This time, His Birthday is on a Thursday, which is a special day for Swami. The programme includes Morning Prayers and Bhajans (7:00 to 8:30 am), SSE programme (5:30 to 7 pm), a Musical Programme by bro. Ajnish Rai (7 to 7:25 pm) and Evening Bhajans (7:30 to 9:00 pm) at the Sai Centre on 23rd November 2023 (Thursday). Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. The main prayer hall is open for darshan on this special day except during prayer/bhajan/Musical programme times. Bhagavan’s room is open for darshan from 8:30 am to noon and again from 4 pm to 9 pm.

    No registration is needed; you may just walk in. Please note the programme and darshan timings, and join us in seeking Bhagavan’s blessings on this special day. Please do follow us on social media.

  • Help Needed

    Help Needed

    Do you drive? If you do, we need your help in Narayana Seva.

    Twice a month, we have a Narayana Seva for the domestic helpers, before they attend their free Spoken English class. Families lovingly prepare fresh meals for them. We need help in transporting the cooked food to the Sai Centre at 133 Moulmein Road. Collection would be around 11 am, on 2 Sundays of the month.

    For more details on the Help the Helpers programme, please see https://saisociety.org.sg/help-the-helpers/ and https://saisociety.org.sg/2023/04/hth-graduation-2023/.

    If you or your friends are able to help, please message +65 9220 8528 or email [email protected].

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