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Aum Sairam
The Hindi saying, “Mukh mein Sai naam aur hath mein Sai kaam” (The lords name on the lips and his work in hands) proved true at our level 2 SSE class on a Sunday morning when children, of P1 and P2 came together to perform a seva of packing nuts for Shivrathri prasadam.
“Selfless service”, this value is deeply understood by our children but when they had an opportunity to do it hands-on, their excitement knew no bounds. At around 10.30 am all the children washed their hands; clean and dry. They were all ears to the instructions given by Sis Aparna and Sis Akila. Soon, they formed into six groups and each one had to put one type of nut into the zip pouches and pass forward.
We all offered our prayers to Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva and started Sai Namasmaranam in tandem. The whole flow of activity went on smoothly. The children were at the peak of their discipline and self control. They served with so much joy and willingness that it became infectious for us all.
The gurus took charge of passing over the packets from one counter to another, and checking for all types of nuts (cashew, almonds, raisins, apricots, peanuts) in the packets. The chanting of Lord’s name and his work in the hands of every one present there made the whole atmosphere Divine. In the midst of this divinity our beloved Swami made His presence felt to each one of us, the fragrance of vibhuti filled the air like breeze among flowers and the lucky few saw a flower of blessing fall at Swami’s altar. Thank you Swami!
As the packets were piling up, the children learnt that “There is something you can do; no matter what age you are, to help others.” At last all the prasadam was packed and then the whole class joined together in singing bhajans. Sis Suba made an announcement that, “Four hundred and twenty-eight packets were packed and sealed in a matter of thirty minutes!!” Everyone was awestruck. The students learned: “The power of many hands working together can make a difference in times of need.”I was very touched by their tender hearts and great spirits. I went back home with the fond memories of the SEVA.
With humble pranams at the lotus feet of Swami, I pray Swami to guide us and shower his love on us always.
– A Guru

“Last Sunday I took part in a service activity conducted by our Sai Centre. My friends and I helped in for the packaging of Prasadam packets. We managed to pack 428 packets filled with nuts. I felt excited about the SEVA I did as I got the chance to do a little part. I would like to quote what Swami says “Service is God. Human life is meant for service to others. “”
Roma Shrikant Joshi
Level 2 (8 years old)

‘Sivaratri’ means ‘night of Lord Siva’. The important features of this religious function are rigid fasting for twenty-four hours and sleepless vigil during the night.The worship of Lord Siva consists in offering flowers, Bilva leaves and other gifts on the Linga which is a symbol of Lord Siva, and bathing it with milk, honey, butter, ghee, rose-water, etc
Prasadam packing seva for Sivaratri was undertaken by Level 2 SSE students(7 & 8 year olds) for the Shiva Ratri celebrations this year organised by the SSSOS on 20th February at the Sai Society, 133 Moulmein Road. There was continuous 12 hour singing in praise of the Lord through the night.
The prasad consisting of dry fruits like cashews, raisins, almonds,peanuts were packed into small ziploc packets were distributed to devotees at the end of the 12hours. We really enjoyed doing this seva for swami and being part of such an auspicious occasion.
Sashank Rajesh
Level 2 (8 years old)


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