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Unity of Faith on Islam

Begin in the name of Allah ……

With those words playing melodiously in the background, the second session on Unity of Faith commenced on February 12th.  The guest speakers for the day, Sister Chomel and Brother Karam, from the Muslim faith introduced Islam to our Level 3 and 4 students.

Our students were intrigued from beginning to end, revealing what they already knew about Islam, constantly asking questions, and eager to learn about its religious practices. “What smart children!” exclaimed Sister Chomel as she then proceeded to introduce the students to the lyrics of “Bismillah”, an English song in praise of Allah.

The highlight of the day was “dress-up”, as the children scurried around, trying on ethnic Muslim attire that Sister Chomel kindly brought along. It was definitely a sight to behold as they beamed while taking the class photo.

“Islam teaches us about love, just like Swami” remarked Tejas, a student from Level 3 – a true testimony to the message of Unity of Faith.

Thank you, Allah.

And with these words sung by our very own students, the session came to a close with Swami’s divine grace, while the sweet smell of dates (Iftar) and the captivating tune of “Bismillah” lingered on.

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