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Bhagawan’s 96th Birthday Celebration Photos

96th Birthday Celebration – Some Photos

Sairam. Bhagawan’s 96th Birthday Celebration was a welcome relief for hundreds of devotees who attended on Tuesday. Nearly a 1000 devotees came during the day; they all went about darshan in a disciplined manner, as is typical amongst Sai devotees. The safe management volunteers on duty assisted them with the checkin/checkout and the safe distancing protocols. Volunteers constantly disinfected the high-touch surfaces to keep everyone safe. The evening bhajans were attended by over 100 devotees, limited by the safe management protocols. Hundreds of others joined the bhajans online through the Live transmission. Here is a recording of the morning prayers at the Sai Centre: https://youtu.be/MVwPsNr7TB4, and the evening bhajan https://youtu.be/VQjjWkNnIgs.

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