Unity of Faiths – Understanding and Practising our own Religion

We come from different religions. Practise different rituals. Yet we have one common agenda – God. Swami has shared with us on various counts that while our faiths may vary, the principle of divinity remains the same.

In SSE this term, the Level 3B (students aged 10 years) class is focussing on the concept of Unity of Faiths. In one of our classes, Divika Gill whose faith is Sikhism and Kugan Ganesh who practises Hinduism, shared with the rest of the class on how they practise their respective faiths at home. The two video clips are recordings of what they shared in class.

Though our children hail from different faiths, they have exhibited respect for one another’s religious practises, and interact as brothers and sisters with their fellow classmates of the various faiths.

Unity of Faith on Sikhism video

Unity of Faith on Hinduism video