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Service With Love – SSE Sivarathri Seva

Service With Love

Students from the Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) programme participated in this year’s Shivarathri event in a variety of ways. Each class took on a service activity that allowed each student the opportunity to learn and understand about the significance of Shivarathri and to also participate by contributing in their own way.

Sunday, 3rd February – Cleaning of Moulmein Premises by Students aged 13 to 15 years

A group of boys spent their Sunday morning cleaning the basement, and 3rd and 4th floors of Sai Society premises. They were involved in the sweeping and mopping of the floors and stairs, and cleaning of windows and fans – all in preparation for the hosting of Shivarathri at Sai Society. The boys did enjoy the seva and some even wanted to know when the next one will be planned.

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Sunday, 3rd March – Garland of Love by Students aged 7 to 9 years

As a prelude to Shivarathri, these children were engrossed in Likita Japa as part of their lesson. Small strips of colour paper were given to the children to write Om Sri Sai Ram. These strips will be strung into a long, beautiful garland. This garland of love will adorn Baba’s picture during Shivarathri.

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Thursday, 7th March – Presentation during Sai Society bhajan by Students (Girls) aged 16 to 18 years

The students have divided themselves into small groups and did research on the meaning and significance of Shivarathri. They sourced and read Baba’s discourses and other Sai literature and are putting together the information into a concise presentation. They hope their presentation will encourage many to participate in the 12 hour long bhajan during Shivarathri.

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Sunday, 10th March – Prasadam Packing by Students aged 8 to 9 years

Prasad consisting of dry fruits like cashews, raisins, almonds, peanuts will be packed into small ziploc packets for distribution to devotees during Shivarathri.“Last Sunday I took part in a service activity conducted by our Sai Centre. My friends and I helped in for the packaging of Prasadam packets. We managed to pack 428 packets filled with nuts. I felt excited about the SEVA I did as I got the chance to do a little part. I would like to quote what Swami says “Service is God. Human life is meant for service to others. “”

Roma Shrikant Joshi
8 years old (2012)

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Sunday, 10th March – Exhibition on Significance of Shivarathri by Students (Girls) aged 16 to 18 years The students, having already collated lots of information on Shivarathri for the presentation at bhajan, decided to put together an exhibition so that all devotees will have the opportunity to understand the benefits they gain from participating in this event.
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