Unity of Faith On Sikhism

In Swami’s loving guidance and grace, the program began last Sunday, February 5th with Sis Satvanti from the Sikh faith, a devotee and former SSE guru, teaching a simple Sikh prayer to our students. Her son Paviter Singh – dressed in fully traditional Sikh attire, thus enhancing the mood! – assisted her. As the session ended, the students were able to understand the true meaning of the prayer and recite it fluently. As young Utkarsh says, “God is… without fear, without hate, without time… timeless. Wow.” He also went on to add, “When I chant the mantra, I inhaled all positive thoughts into my mind and exhaled the negative ones.” Profound statements from a young mind, which make us certain that Swami is directing the programme beautifully…as confirmed by the teacher herself “The students are a polite and very enthusiastic lot of kids. They were respectful of the religious faith and asked very pertinent questions.” And so our students have begun the journey of knowing that every road they take leads into Swami’s arms.


 Please click the link to watch a talk on Unity of Faith on Sikhism