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SCA – Veda Learning

As Bhagavan Baba emphasis frequently regarding the importance of learning and chanting Vedas, the SSE curriculum has been structured to include Vedas as one of the Sai Centered Activities (SCA).  Veda classes are conducted regularly on Sunday from 10.45 am. to 11.30 am., at the MDIS Campus, Stirling Road, as part of the SSE program. The classes are open to all students and adults interested in learning. The classes that are currently run are:

  1. Veda Beginners (Group 1)
  2. Veda Beginners (Group 2)
  3. Veda Advanced
  4. Rudram – Click here to list to Namakam

Activities of the Veda Unit

The structure below gives a visual picture of the activities of the Veda unit.

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