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What are Bhajans?

Bhajans! That wonderful genre of devotional music which instantly taps into the wellspring of divine ecstacy and communion that can be felt from deep within our hearts!

Bhajan is a prayer, an offering in all humility and reverence to our Loving God. It is a personal conversation between the devotee and God, set to beautiful music.  It is no wonder then, that this unique genre of devotional Congregational singing has an instant uplifting effect. Swami says, “Bhajan must spread goodwill, love, ecstacy; it must cleanse the polluted atmosphere; it must invite all to share in the joy and peace. THE ANANDA I DERIVE FROM BHAJANS, I DO NOT DERIVE FROM ANYTHING ELSE.” …(SSS Vol VIII).  Hence, the whole-hearted participation of the entire congregation ensures the cleansing away of all negativity in the environment by spreading the Positive Vibrations of the Potency of the divine Name. Bhagavan says, “Where the glory of the divine name is sung, there I install Myself”. So bhajans bless us with the opportunity to feel Swami’s Divine Presence and be enveloped in His grace.

As we go through our earthly journey, we get caught up in the illusory drama of existence. Swami has given us a simple solution to nurture our spirit and realize our ultimate goal,  “Think of bhajan as a part of spiritual training to be taken seriously for reducing attachment to fleeting objects, and purifying and strengthening you, liberating you from the cycle of birth and death and consequent misery.”…(The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist ).

Bhagavan has blessed us abundantly by stating, “Namasankeethana is the best spiritual sadhana for Liberation in this age”. He has made our journey of ultimate merger with Him so very easy and pleasant! To quote Bhagavan “Bhajan must become an unbroken stream of bliss on your tongues and in your hearts; it must confer on you, the uninterrupted awareness of Soham, of the unity of I and HE”… (SSS Vol IX)

We are fortunate to be born in the age that the Divine has chosen to manifest in human form, our beloved Yuga Avathar, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.  As we learn from Him “ Let your whole life be a spiritual song. Believe that God is everywhere at all times, and derive strength, comfort, and joy by singing His glory”… (SSS Vol X)

Let us all make our lives a beautiful divine song to be offered at His divine lotus feet.

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