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About Bhajans

“Bhajan or devotional singing is one of the processes by which you can train the mind to expand into eternal values. Teach the mind to revel in in the glory & Majesty of God. Clean it away from petty Horizons of pleasure and passions. Bhajan induces in you a desire to experience the truth, to glimpse the beauty that is God, to taste the Bliss that is the Self. It encourages man to dive into himself and genuinely his real Self.” – Swami

Bhajan is one of the core Spiritual Activities of our Sai Society. Swami has often said that Nama Sankeerthana is the best Sadhana for Liberation.

The Bhajan group approximately consists of 25 Male and 25 Female singers leading the weekly Bhajans. Efforts are always on to increase this pool of Singers without compromising on the quality. The distinguishing feature of the group is the presence of several youth singers, who find it worthwhile to spend their spare time in this spiritual activity. The main activity of the Bhajan group is to lead the weekly Thursday Bhajans between 8 – 9 pm and participate in Nagarasamkirtan Bhajans at perumal temple premises on Sunday at 6:30 am. The group also leads Bhajans on special days like Swami’s Birthday and other various festivals.

The group holds weekly practice sessions between 8:30 am to 11:30 am on Sunday to prepare for Thursday Bhajans. Right after this there is an open practice session that any aspiring singers can use to try our new songs. This will go on until everyone present has had a chance. All aspiring singers are welcome to join the practice sessions as well as the Sunday morning Nagarasankirtan at perumal temple premises at 6:30 am.

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