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Sri Rudram Classes at MDIS

Sri Rudram – A prayer to Shiva who is verily our beloved Lord Sai!

We are very happy to inform you that in preparation for Bhagavan’s 85th Birthday celebrations, the Veda team has undertaken the sacred and most joyous task of teaching the Sri Rudram to all who are keen and committed to learn. The Rudram will be taught at MDIS campus (at our SSE classes), Sterling Road, near Queenstown MRT, from 11am to 12.10pm from Jan 24th, 2010 onwards.

Since the vedic chant is quite long, we will need all those who attend to continue attending the Rudram classes at Moulmein even after we close our regular SSE classes at the MDIS campus. Students attending will be given a break during exam period and classes will resume soon after and will continue into the holiday period.

This is a golden opportunity for all interested to learn and commitment to the learning process is a definite pre-requisite. Let us use this opportunity to learn this sacred and most ‘sort-after’ chant. This will remain with us for our entire life-time! Sri Rudram is for life and for a living:)
Significance of Sri Rudram:
Sri Rudram is a very sacred chant that is all encompassing. It comprises praise of the various aspects of the Supreme Being. It also comprises prayers for fulfilling all material desires that are positive (that mean no harm to others in any way).Sri Rudram has great healing powers for many types of ailments, removes sorrow and offers great protection to the one who chants it.

Sri Rudram is considered very auspicious (the word ‘Sri’ itself means auspicious). When we chant Sri Rudram we identify ourselves with That Auspicious Form from whom all auspiciousness originates.

When we chant the Namakam part of the Sri Rudram, with each chant we identify ourselves with the divinity. When we chant the Chamakam part of the Sri Rudram, we should see His divinity everywhere and in everything. There is divinity in everything which is referred as’ Chame Chame’ in the Chamakam. The literal interpretation for ‘chame’ is – I want this ( Divinity).  When we identify ourselves with divinity then everything becomes divine and we see only divinity everywhere. And hence ‘Chame’ means  I AM IN THAT (Divinity),

Shiva grants sumptuousness, the capacity of speech, power of knowledge, strong and sturdy body, abundant wealth and enormous pious acts.   We bow to Sri Rudra who is present in fire, in water, in trees and plants and in the entire universe, the all pervading.

The Ati Rudra is the most potent form of all prayers involving the chanting of Rudram 14641 times. Bhagavan Baba in his discourse on 19th August 2006 at Prasanthi Nilayam at the Ati Rudra Maha Yagnyna:

“This yagnya is conducted to realize the ‘Self’, not just with a view to achieve some physical and worldly benefits. This yagnyna is not merely for a few individuals; it is for the entire world. The mantras chanted here mix in the air and spread to the entire universe. These sacred sounds enter our hearts and purify them. Hence, do not think that the mantras in this yagnya are confined only to this place. They spread to the entire world. The yagnya is not only for the benefit of India but also for all countries. People of many countries have participated in this Yagnya with a lot of enthusiasm. They are also learning the Veda Mantras”.

And people from Italy, Japan, Macedonia have all chanted the Rudram in Bhagavan’s divine presence. What better timing can we ever have than this 85th year! Swami, during His 83rd year had asked Rudram as A Birthday Gift. We should also try our best to give this gift and more for all that He has done for us.

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